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    I can't properly sync my settings

    AlstonA Level 1

      I just did a fresh install on my computer. Before the install, I synced all my brushes, swatches, and other item onto my cloud sync. When I reinstalled Photoshop, I  allowed Photoshop full access through my firewall and signed in to download my settings. However, i cannot download my settings. it just says 0 bytes when trying to download and nothing will download.


      Here are some of the things I did


      • I have adobe Photoshop cc 2014
      • I did a full clean of my PC and wiped all items
      • I checked my cloud sync to make sure that the settings synced
      • when the clean install was finished, I reinstalled windows and gave full access through the windows advanced firewall settings


      I still, haven't received anything on this. Does anyone know the solution ???