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    Browse Sequence Stopped Working

    Tim D Morris Level 1

      I generated WebHelp output files on 11/19/14 (less than 2 weeks ago) in which the browse sequence works as expected.  When I generated output today, I noticed that the browse sequence buttons were not displaying.  I'm using RH 10 with IE 11.  I am the only person who accesses the RoboHelp project files for this project.

      I checked the WebHelp project settings and noticed the "Enable Browse Sequence" box was not checked.  I checked it.  I regenerated the project.  The browse buttons now appear but remain disabled.  I used the Browse Sequence Editor to regenerate the browse sequence from the TOC.  It did not work as expected.  Instead of following the TOC sequence, it put all the first-level books at the beginning of the browse sequence, then all the second-level books, and so on.  Just the same, I saved and regenerated the project.  The browse buttons still appeared, but still remained disabled.  I used the Browse Sequence Editor again to regenerated the browse sequence based on the TOC using the option to create separate browse sequences for each book down to level 5 (just an arbitrary number).  RH created a bunch of separate browse sequences.  I clicked OK again and regenerated the project.  I still see disabled browse buttons, and I tried clicking multiple topics in different books to see if any of the separate browse sequences worked.  The browse buttons remained disabled.

      I reviewed previous RH posts on this subject.  I saw Julietta Curtis' post on browse sequences not working in IE 10 but working in Chrome and Firefox.  I opened in Chrome and Firefox the last two versions of the WebHelp I generated; same results as IE 11--disabled browse buttons.  I opened the WebHelp from 11/19/14 in Chrome and Firefox; the browse sequence works fine.

      Note:  I also tried regenerating the project using the project's .BRS file from prior processes--including .BRS files going back to 10/29/14.

      Any thoughts on how to get the browse sequence working again?  Thanks!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Regenerate the sequence again and choose 0 for the level. You should then get a sequence matching your TOC.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Tim D Morris Level 1

            I know choosing zero should work to create a browse sequence that matches the TOC structure (and it does for my other projects) ...


            ... but it doesn't for this one...


            When I generate the WebHelp using this RH-created browse sequence, the browse sequence does not work.  With "Introduction" selected in the TOC, which should enable the "down" browse button, the "down" browse button remains disabled.


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              Amebr Level 4

              For the buttons, perhaps make sure your browse sequence hasn't become unticked in your SSL?

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                Tim D Morris Level 1

                Thanks for reply.  Noted in original post that I saw the "Enable Browse Sequence" box on the WebHelp Settings window had become unchecked, and I checked it before attempts above to get browse sequence to work again.  Where would I check in the SSL to see if browse sequence had become unticked?


                Additional note: I have had issues with this project in the past.  It is one I "inherited", and the browse sequence had been quirky at best until I manually edited the project's .BRS file to resolve issues created by duplicate topic names (not re-use of same topic, but multiple prior authors assigning same name to multiple different topics and including them in different locations within the TOC).  Had hoped restoring old working .BRS file would resolve this issue, but it didn't.

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                  Tim D Morris Level 1

                  Amebr, I would still be interested in knowing what you mean by "For the buttons, perhaps make sure your browse sequence hasn't become unticked in your SSL?"


                  I have tried everything I can think of.  I took a copy of the .hhc (TOC) file, reformatted it as a .BRS file using the structure of a valid .BRS file from another project, named the browse sequence (although that doesn't seem to matter), opened the Browse Sequence Editor and verified that I can view the browse sequence and view links from the Browse Sequence Editor, and re-verified the "Enable Browse Sequence" box is checked on the WebHelp Settings window.BRS1.png

                  RoboHelp appears to recognize the named BRS file as a valid BRS file, and it exactly matches the structure of the TOC because it was created from the TOC file.  The generated project still just shows disabled browse sequence buttons (which are an indication that the browse sequence box is checked because the buttons do not show up at all if it is unchecked).  Open to any suggestions on how to get this to work.


                  Don't think this is related, but ran a batch generate process on a different project and received a message that MS Word is not installed.  RH appears not to have been updated when my MS Word was updated from 2007 to 2013.  Was still able to generate the other project, and its browse sequence works.  What do I need to do to get RH 10 to recognize MS Word 2013?  Again, thanks!

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                    Amebr Level 4

                    I assumed you meant Project Setup pod > Windows > [webhelp window] > Properties.  Then I discovered there are two places in the SSL related to browse sequences.


                    So there are two actions you need to take to use a browse sequence.

                    1. Enable browse sequences for the output.

                    2. Specify which browse sequence you want to use (you have to do this even if you only currently have one).


                    The one I think you might need to do is the second step. You can find this in the SSL under Content Categories > Content <Default>. (if you use content categories you might have to set for each one, I assume.)




                    Regarding Word 2013 and RH10, the forums indicate that while 2013 is not supported by RH10, using right-click > Generate on your Print Documentation SSL should allow you to generate printed output. But some people have not managed to get this to work, so your mileage may vary. Office 2013 Support on Robohelp 10

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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Also, don't forget that there are actually TWO different places in the SSL recipe you have to ensure are enabled.


                      Here's the second:



                      Cheers... Rick

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                        Tim D Morris Level 1

                        Amebr and Rick, thanks!  I didn't know about the WebHelp Settings > Content Categories > Content (Default) > Browse Sequence check box.  Checking that box did it.  Thanks for the info on MS Word 2013, too!