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    Unable to arrange Creative Cloud membership - Student & Teacher Edition


      Good day to all,


      When I placed my order for the said plan. I received the below message.


      [There was a problem processing your order, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.Middle East & North AfricaBahrain: 80081097Egypt: 08000000447Jordan/Kuwait/Lebanon/Qatar/Yemen: English +44 207 365 0735Jordan/Kuwait/Lebanon/Qatar/Yemen: Arabic/French +44 203 564 4145Oman: 80077173Saudi Arabia: 8008446638Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria: +33 157324642United Arab Emirates: 80004443085Commonthwealth of Independent States (CIS): +44 207 365 0735]


      I have tried several time but no luck at all. Any idea? the offer will be expired soon (Dec. 3rd, 2014)