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    Export for Web

    DanB0328 Level 1

      I know this isn't a community for Flash CS6, but I couldn't find one here anywhere. So I'll ask my question here hoping to find an answer.


      Anyone know how to export a Flash animation that consists of Movie clips on 1 frame to a Quicktime movie in Flash CS6?

      Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.11.08 PM.png

      Every time I try, it just exports what shows on that 1st frame, even though there are animations inside the movie clips that go on for about 1200 frames. Or do you know if there is a better way to Publish for mobile devices? (Keep in mind, I have some AS2 code in this animation for the "Falling Snow".)



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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You can't export to video from a Flash file as you have. Flash can only export what is on the main timeline. Only a very limited amount of actionscript will work when exporting. You can either edit your movie to put all of the contents of those movieclips onto the main timeline, if that's possible, or you can use a screen recorder application to capture the playback of your Flash movie as it plays.

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            DanB0328 Level 1

            Okay. Glad I asked instead of spinning my wheels forever about it. I'll look into the screen recorder since the falling snow is a big part of it. Thanks for the info.

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              Flashy_1995 Level 1

              Try using the




              Command in flash by creating a new layer and naming it actions or whatever.

              Click the first frame and press F9  to open the actions panel.

              Then type the above command exactly as written above.

              Then try exporting.

              Tat should work.