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    Bad performance, Lightroom 5.7 64bits

    llpilch Level 1


      I did the download of Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5.7 for testing and buy Creative CC signature, but Lightroom is not working very well.


      I have a PC with AMD FX 4100 3,6GHz, RAM memory 8GB DDR3, video Radeon HD6670 and Windows 7 64bits SP1, running at 1920x1200. Even with this specificatinos higher than the minimun, Lightroom takes some SECONDS (2 or 3) only to show the photo at full size when I click on it, the same to return the size to adjust to screen. Or when I put the mouse cursor over the right menu and scroll it down or up, I have to wait he finishes whatever it is doing to finally move the menu. What's wrong?
      I was using Lightroom  3.4.1 before and all i asked it to do it did immediatly.


      I'm pretty sure that my PC is ok, it runs every software fast, the system (and lightroom) is installed in a SSD disk, what is wrong with my Lightroom?



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Is there the possibility that in LR3 you had smart previews turned on but not in LR5?

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            llpilch Level 1

            Maybe, because I did not know that this option exists, I searched for it and did not find, where is it?

            But anyway when I installed the 5.7, it asked me if I wanted to maintain the same presets from LR 3, and I "said" yes.



            Being more specific, the problem occurs when I change any configuration of the photo and click to zoom in or out right after. for example: I want to reduce noise, so I click on the photo to see it at full size and change the noise level. It take some seconds to REALLY reduce the noise of the picture, so I have to wait, if it's not ok, apply more noise reduction, wait again, until its ok. After doing it I click again at the photo to adjust to screen and then I have to wait again more 2 or 3 seconds.



            If I click at the photo without doing changes, the zoom is almost normal, just with a little lag in the effect of increasing or decreasing the zoom, but if I make changes of noise, sharpen, color... the change takes a few seconds and then the zoom takes another few seconds.


            Sorry about my english, I speak portuguese.