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    Custom build parts list, critiques?


      Hey folks. I'm a new Premeire Pro CC user. I discovered the hard way that my current machine is insufficient.


      I need to edit DSLR video footage for fairly short projects, typically less than 5 minute shorts, rarely more than 10 minutes. Video editing is about 25% of my work, and is the most resource-intensive.

      My budget is $1500. I pulled the following build together from the FAQ at reddit.com/r/buildapc, so it is not spec'd specifically for video editing, but falls under budget at $1,258. Any input on this would be hugely appreciated.


      GPU: GTX 970 $350

      CPU: i7 4790K $310

      HSF: 212 EVO $33

      MoBo: MSI Z97-GD65 $163

      RAM: 8GB $55

      HDD: 1TB x2 $104

      SDD: 128GB $63

      PSU: Rosewell CAPSTONE-650 $80

      Case: Arc Midi R2 $100