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    Swf File ActionScript



           I am new to using this software and need to update swf files. Specifically, what is the best way to go about editing (or adding) actionscript code to the swf creative to make it clickable (to click through to a landing page). Thank you in advance for all your help!




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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The .swf file is a compiled executable file that cannot be edited. You need to get to the .fla file. That is the original, editable, Flash file.


          If you don't have the original .fla file, you might be able to import the .swf file into a new Flash file and add the functionality that you want, but it may be very difficult or impossible.


          The only alternative is to use a decompiler to "open" the .swf file into its parts. If you are not familiar with Flash you may end up with a bunch of parts that you can't identify. Much like trying to put the earthworm back together in Biology class.

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            mlewis11 Level 1

            Ok, so say I had the fla file. Where would I go to edit the clickTAG after I opened it in the Flash CC?

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              mlewis11 Level 1

              Hi Rob,

                   Thanks for your help. I have seen the link you provided before. However, it does not tell me how to go in and edit the existing actionscript code within a flash file. Could you help me with this? 

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                rezun8 Level 4

                Are you needing to update the clickTag code for AS3.0 from 2.0? If your looking to find a way to specify the link that is done by or within Doubleclick studio account manager.

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                  mlewis11 Level 1

                  Sometimes I receive creative that does not have clickTAG code in it at all (Surprising, I know) or incorrect clickTAG code. Thus, Instead of going back and forth with the client to get it implemented properly I would like to implement the clickTAG into the fla file they have provided myself. Therefore, I am looking for instructions to simply add this action into the fla file they provided and then save it as a swf.


                  Thanks in advance for your help!




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                    robdillon Most Valuable Participant



                    In the link that I sent to you it shows the proper syntax for the actionscript. The way that the actionscript is attached to the actual button in your Flash file is through a reference to the button's instance name. When you open your Flash file, find the button that you want to use. Once selected, look at the Properties window. It should show you all of the information about that object. Its instance name should be at the top. Now find the place where your actionscript is located in the file. Look for a reference to that object's name in the code. If you find it then you can adapt what is there to the code in the tutorial. If there is no reference then you can add the code in the tutorial and substitute the object name for the example in the code.


                    Does that help?

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