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    Sound not Playing on iOS Devices?




      I am having a problem getting audio to play on my iOS devices (iPhone 4 and iPad Mini, both running iOS 7.1.2) but on desktop and BlackBerry BB10 devices it seems to be fine. All of the animation functions appear to be working fine. I have the audio in both mp3 and ogg formats. I have “preload Audio” selected and “Autoplay” turned off. I believe preload doesn’t work on iOS devices (and others presumably) but does having it on cause any problems? On or off it doesn’t seem to make any difference in this case. I am using a play button to launch the animation at 0.5 seconds and then in the timeline at 1.0 seconds I am using a trigger with the following code:




      I am using Adobe Edge Animate CC version 2014.1.1 (just updated).


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.