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    Understand the Adobe Edge & AJAX, PHP Transition

    justincode Level 1

      Hi all..


      I have done a fair bit in adobe edge, what a fab program.


      But i am yet to pass data into and out of it, below is a simple HTML, AJAX, PHP file that asks the user to click one of 5 radio buttons, each radio button has a value set to it. Once the user clicks one of these radio buttons the value is posted to a php file using ajax.


      I need a little push from you professionals to help me understand how i transfer this simple script into Adobe Edge, please dont think that i am just trying to get a quick answer, the project is much larger than just this little script. Please if you could shed a little light on how to do this the rest should fall into place for me...


      many many thanks!


      <!doctype html>



      <script type='text/javascript' src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js'>



      <meta charset="utf-8">





      <h1>Scores Page</h1>


        <form action="updatescore.php" method="post">



          <input type="radio" name="newScore" value="1" >1


          <input type="radio" name="newScore" value="2" >2


          <input type="radio" name="newScore" value="3" >3


          <input type="radio" name="newScore" value="4" >4


          <input type="radio" name="newScore" value="5" >5







      $(document).ready(function() {


              var newScore = $(this).val();

              $.post('updatescore.php', {newScore:newScore}, function(data){