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    Unable to update Photoshop CS5 OS X


      I am unable to perform any updates in Photoshop CS5. When I attempt an update, it errors out and tells me to Contact Customer support. The link provided says this...

      Error "This serial number is not for a qualifying product..." when installing an upgrade or upsell

      However, this is not an upgrade or upsell. I had two laptops with CS5 installed, the first I sold and didn't deactivate because I didn't know I had to at the time. I did a restore using Time Machine on my new iMac but it won't update. The second laptop (MacBook Air) I had CS5 installed on had the hard drive go up so I installed a new drive and have the same error as the iMac. Contacted Customer Support, who then said they did something in the background and to try and activate the serial number again, which I did and was apparently successful. But it still won't let me do any updates.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!