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    Premier Pro CC crashing


      I just downloaded the Adobe Premier Pro CC software and it crashes before I can do anything. I'm able to import video, but once I try to use it, it shuts down. Any suggestions?

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          Rameez Khan Adobe Employee



          You haven't provided much information about your computer. Please provide more details so that I can help further.


          Alternately this might be helpful:


          Before importing anything go to File > Project Settings > General and change the Mercury Playback Engine to GPU Acceleration software only and delete existing previews after clicking OK.




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            Hello,  the computer specs are as follows:


            Dell E7440

            Windows 7 64bit

            8.00 GB RAM

            Intel Core i5


            The second you click to insert a video into the software program from the media browser windows throws the error "The program has stopped working" and it closes.  There are no errors given by the Adobe program itself.  Any ideas?  The computer has been adjusted for best performance to free up some memory, and there are no other errors on the system.  Appreciate the help.

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              Rameez Khan Adobe Employee

              Thank you for providing the details. Which Graphics Card is installed in your computer?


              Have you tried my suggestion of changing the Video Renderer? I would also suggest importing media without using the Media Browser to see if that will work.


              If that didn't help, I would require more details. Please launch Event Viewer from Start search and check the detailed error log for Premiere. You can either paste it here or attach a screenshot.




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                onegator Level 1

                adobe premiere.JPGThe video reported as being Intel HD Graphics 4400.


                Screenshot below.  We went and did make the change for the rendering.  The program also crashes when importing from the file menu instead of using the media browser. 

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                  Rameez Khan Adobe Employee

                  If you don't have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 installed, please install it and then see if it works.




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                    PadillaMO Level 1

                    Hello,  It has been a few weeks since we last spoke on this issue.  Any thoughts on what the issue may be?  I am ready to try more troubleshooting on this issue.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.