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      Hey okay so last time i posted info about the turning gate, well as of today i downloaded a plugin for lightroom with it allows me to add password to my gallerys. what i was trying to do was make a client proofing account page, without spending $50 or more so dollars a month. with the plugin i payed a 1 time fee, of $25, and with it, i guess i get unlimited usage of it. the reason i am contacting you today as. is about using lightroom to manage video files after they been processed in Premier pro cc, or should i do the reverse?  2nd.  can you add a video from lightroom to a gallery? and 3. if i made a bussiness card in Illustrator  and turn it into a jpeg, lightroom can read the jpeg of the card right?  


      next. can lightroom galleries be uploaded to Adobe Bussiness catalyst using FTP?  i am wondering if anyone has done so.