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    Using Javascript JSON data within Edge Animate

    justincode Level 1

      I have a javascript file that outputs data onto a html page, It basically GET's the information from a JSON file


      I would like to use the output within Edge Animate instead (basically re-building the HTML page using Edge Animate).


      I understand that i must include my script & jquery scripts within my composition, below is some code from my script. How can i use the output of this in adobe edge.


      function playlistupdate (list)


      for (var i = 0 ; i != list.dbdata.length ; i++)


              var song = list.dbdata[i];








          $("#list0picture").html('<img src="/testsite/covers/' + list.dbdata[0].picture + '" width="170" height="170"/>');   

      for instance, how can i display the "artist", "title", "label" and "album_year" within Edge Animate. And also how can i display the "picture" (which is an actual JPEG file.)

      I am hoping that i do not need to completly intergrate the script within Edge animate.

      many thanks