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    Access edited images directly in Windows Explorer? (like Aperture/Finder in OSX)

    TrudeBordello Level 1



      I'm just getting started in LR and am hoping to replicate my main Aperture workflows (moving from OSX to Windows).


      So, one of my most frequently used features in Aperture is tweaking photos for eBay auctions.  I make my adjustments and then go straight to the eBay website to write the listing.  Then I upload my images via Finder by simply browsing to my Aperture library and finding my tweaked versions.  I don't have to export any files to do this - Finder just passes the tweaked image directly to the client (eBay image uploader in this case).  It's very quick and easy, and doesn't leave unwanted files anywhere.  I use this in a lot of other scenarios too when I want to pull a tweaked photo into another application.


      So, I'm wondering if there's any way to achieve the same thing in Aperture? 


      Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can share!