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    Blank PNG Files in the ePub3 container are to large for publication in the Apple iBookstore

    Friedhelm Fischer

      Hello i need your help - asap


      Fix layout ePub3 export from ID


      • ID: newest version
      • Siteformat: IPad Standard
      • Export: for IPAD
      • Picture format: PNG 150dpi
      • largest pictures in my publication are 1536x2048 pix


      After uploading the ebook to the apple store i will have the ERROR ITMS-9000 - Images to large - more than 3,200,00 pixels are not allowed.


      So - i locked into the ePub-container and there are so many blank png-files - with a file format of 1600x2144 pix

      That the same size of the images of my book when I export it as JPG-Files.


      Cant find the Error in my document.

      The name of the blank mpg-files are 234.png / 2341.png / 23410.png etc.


      how can help?


      all the best