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    FormsCentral: Easily duplicate form fields


      Hi guys!


      I'm creating a form within FormsCentral that asks our members how many people are in their household. From there, I need fields like name, email, address, phone number, etc. to popup. If they answer, 4 household members, then I need those questions to popup 4 times. Any clue how to do this easily without me having to duplicate each form field individually? Thanks in advance! - Esmith07

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          Hi esmith07,


          The functionality you're looking for isn't exactly there in FormsCentral. You can, however, work around it manually. How I would do it:


          1. When they fill out the information about Person #1, have an additional yes/no question asking them if they have another household member to include.

          2. If they click Yes, have new fields appear for Person #2 (using show hide logic: you will create those new fields in advance, but keep them hidden unless they click yes). Also include another Yes/No question asking if they have another member of the household to include.

          3. If they click Yes, repeat as needed.


          As the form designer, you have to anticipate your maximum number of responses per household. If you want to cap it at some number, say - six, for example, then after they have filled in the info for six people, and you ask them if they have any more, you could ask them to fill out the form again with the remaining name(s), or you could throw up a multi-line text box and ask them to include the same info, and then you could parse it out after they have submitted the form.


          It's a bit tedious to set up the first time, but it works.


          I hope that helps,



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            Esmith07 Level 1

            Thanks, Brian. That sounds much easier than what I was trying to do. I'll try it out today. - Erin