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    In need of some help with a game.

      I am taking computer science and for our final project we are suppose to make a game. We use Java which is pretty similar to Actionscript. My teacher, knowing that I have used flash to make images and such, said that I could use Flash 8 to create my game. I am pretty unfamiliar with actionscript and I am trying to rely on tutorials to learn.

      If any of you have played Slime Volleyball or any of the slime games, I am trying to make a game similar to that. The only problem that I am having is that I cannot get the ball to bounce correctly off of a rounded object.



      ang = (this._x - _root.cpu._x)/10;

      this.xspeed += ang;

      this.yspeed = this.yspeed * -1;

      I believe that is where the problem lays, can anyone help me with this problem?