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    After Effects Editable text: Feature refinement request

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      Not sure if anyone else out there uses this relatively recent feature in Premiere?


      Within AE, in your comp settings, there is a new check box to allow unlocked text layers to be editable within Premiere.


      This is a great feature that seems inspired by the identical feature set in Apple's deceased Final Cut Studio- allowing Motion Projects to have text edited and then rendered directly within FCP.


      One of my clients has a facility that migrated to CC 2 years ago, and the introduction of this feature in CC came none to soon for us- as we had become quite dependent on it for our all our show's packaging graphics, lower thirds/ name keys etc.


      Anyhow- enough backstory already! I love this feature, but the inability to change font size, kerning etc is nearly a deal breaker. Instead I've had to make 3x the templates in AE, with small, med, large font sizes- but this does not give line by line control.

      I'm hopeful that the great team over at Adobe can buff up this feature to its full potential- maybe if the idea generates enough traffic it will happen sooner than later?


      Here is a feature request I just submitted today. Please do the same if you'd like this functionality asap!

      [Bellow are some screen grabs from Premiere, and of the disturbed tomb of FCP7-RIP]


      *******Enhancement / FMR*********



      Brief title for your desired feature:

      AE Editable text: refinements to this great feature.



      How would you like the feature to work?

      Give the user in premiere broader control of the text layout. Font size is the #1 issue, but Kerning, tracking would be great too.





      Why is this feature important to you?

      I work at a facility that has utilized Apple's hugely successful FCP studio round tripping of Motion templates for all "Name Keys/ lower 3rds" and other video packaging elements. Having happily switched to CC, we've begun using the existing feature, but have issues building robust templates that can accommodate larger variation of character count. In FCP, we had font size, and tracking controls of motion templates with editable text enabled.



      Great work on this feature! I'm just hoping to get more usefulness out of it





      AE Editable text_Add size, Kerning,tracking etc.png


      AE Editable text_FCP7 example.png

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          Ya, I would love to see this feature as well.  So usefull when making templates that are used over and over.

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            SquareEyz Level 1

            I know right?


            I just built an extra 4 AE templates to try and mitigate this issue, but its not a graceful solution   6 templates to maintain and update instead of two [ the right and left justified versions].

            Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 2.03.06 PM.png


            Also in the process I found a little UI bug that would be great to solve 'while you're up' :}

            Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.02.15 AM.png


            When you enter a string of text that is 'too long', the text box breaks, and is very difficult to use.


            Where I work, we are rolling out new graphics packaging for our broadcast series, and I'm pushing to use the AE text editing function to up our game graphics wise- even though I get the sense its going to bite me in the a$$ at some point- probably during a deadline :/


            I'd love to have font size and tracking controls ASAP, SVP .