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    Hello everybody, I hope you are all well and enjoying the day.. I have a question about buying a LABTOP.   I don't know what to get and my illness makes it hard to w


      Hello,  I hope everyone is doing well.

      I am looking for an inexpensive laptop to run any or all Adobe programs on them.


      I am taking classes at a local college so I can changed my life. The problem is that I have

      something called Fibromyalgia; which is a fancy word for wide spread pain and just when

      your Dr. runs out of things to check for. Basically sitting in a chair too long hurts my body.

      dose anyone have an idea of what Labtop to buy or what I should make sure the

      computer has in it before I buy it. Are there any laptops out there right now that can

      handle running adobe programs.