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    How do I pull off this effect?


      Whats up!

      I'm going to be shooting a music video this week and I want to use this effect used in this Chance The Rapper video:


      I've got it as far as getting the images onto the alpha matte, I'm just not sure how to get it so his face is still kind of visible throughout rather than the basic iPod commercials from back in the day with just the outlines of the body.


      Hopefully somebody can help me out!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          That's simply another layer on top/ below/ whatever, posterized with a harsh contrast adjustment and using a blending mode like add. You could even unmultiply it to create genuine transparency and colorize it any way see fit.



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            bogiesan Level 4

            As Myl says, it's simple. But anything in AE that is simple is complicated by the number of adjustments and tweaks and additional effects that can be piled up and adjusted independently or interactively. That video you are trying to copy has a new effect, or an effect variation, and a new piece of video on each of eight or twenty layers every second or two.


            You may also notice that the lighting on the main character changes in each of the many different takes and angles from low key to high key, from heavy backlighting to flat overall. Each of those setups creates a different contrast ratio, that can be enhanced with effects, that allows blending effects and keying and mattes to work in different ways.


            Be sure to shoot high quality  video. You can always degrade good video but it's really really hard to make bad video look good.