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    Preloader freezes randomly - Problem reported by several users in this forum.


      I made an animation on the Edge CC 2014.1 of the company I work for, and I was always testing locally, and everything was going very well. When I finished the animation and decided to upload to the server, I realized after making test with different browsers (Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, etc.), the animation freezes in preloader randomly. When I click "refresh" the animation loads normally, most of the time. : /


      Here is the link so they can check on their own: http://www.mambembe.com/infos/ebola/index.html


      As you can see, seems to have a problem that prevents the preloader to realize that the files already loaded, and that he should start the animation.


      I thought I might be doing something wrong at the time of publishing, so I decided to try all possible combinations in exporting, but I got the same result.


      After trying to solve on my own, I decided to seek help in the forums. I was suprise and confused to realize that many members, including this forum report the same problem, without getting any official or definitive answer about the case.

      I come here, try to get a help to me, and the others who are having the same problem. In the meantime I will look for other similar programs to try to replace the Edge. It's unfortunate since I chose to use the Edge to trust in Adobe programs and to working with them for years. I hope not disappoint and get me to continue my work using the Edge which is a great tool, except when you need to publish.

      Sorry for my English. I hope it was clear and I count on the support of other members with the same problem. We need everyone to report what is happening, so that the adobe team can help us. I invite you to post to your mistakes here like this post.

      Thank you.

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