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    Warnings in bin-release XML files: contentUIText.xml cannot be validated


      Flash Builder 4.7 is throwing over a hundred warnings, and they're all the same.


      When I build a project, the bin-release folder winds up in the project, and each contentUIText.xml file has this Warning:


      The file cannot be validated as the XML definition "http://ns.adobe.com/asf/asf_1_0.dtd" that is specified as describing the syntax of the file cannot be located.


      on this line of the XML file:


      <!DOCTYPE asf SYSTEM "http://ns.adobe.com/asf/asf_1_0.dtd" >

      where it's clear that the URL cannot resolve. How can I get rid of this warning, or have the builds point the DocType element at the correct URL?  I have fiddled with various XML validation settings in Preferences (I'm on OSX) and none of them seem to do the trick.