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    Maximum cameras in multicam edit?


      Hello All,


      I just started using the Multicam feature and i am running into many lag issues while playing back 15 angles at once.. I know that playing back 15 High Definition Videos at once would take a toll on the machine, however i am currently working on a MacBook pro Retina with 16GB of RAM/2.7GHz(3.7Ghz Turbo) i7 Qaud Core/Nvidia GeForce 1GB vRam, which should be holding up. I can not go more than 6 angles playing at once without running into extensive lag. should this be the case? I have also tried reducing the playback quality, but that did not help.


      Unfortunately i am away from my 12-Core mac pro with 40GB of ram, which should be able to tear right through this..


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!




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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Multi-cam work places immense read/write loads on the computer's hardware ... busses & disc connections, let alone cache & such. Having the Tweaker's page disc/programs/assets layout of say a 5-disc RAID0 layout of 2Tb discs is handy ... separate from your discs for programs & OS of course ... it's just hard to get around the physical demands of that process.


          Now ... a few other things ... it's good to layout your sequences before adding in grading or effects if possible ... save those for after you've got your "program" laid out, where possible. The few things the program has to do over read clips from the discs the better ...