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    After Effects error: Can’t import “---.ffx” : unsupported filetype or extension. (0 :: 1)


      I am running into this issue with Adobe AE CC 2014 with both Mac and Windows versions in a classroom. Macs are running Mavericks, Windows are Win 7. Mac version of AE is All CC 2014 apps are up to date. If I have a text layer selected and choose Animation > Browse presets… and then in Bridge double-click the effect preview to place that preset in AE, I get the above error. If I right-click the preset, the Place in After Effects option is greyed out - both Mac and Windows. However, I can apply the Preset from within AE using the Effects and Presets panel or using Animation > Apply Animation Preset just fine.


      I have researched this issue and have found references going back to 2008 but without any actual solutions, only work-arounds. I have uninstalled Both AE and Bridge and reinstalled on both Mac and Windows and yet the problem remains. A fresh user account on the Mac has the same problem. I have trashed prefs and the Adobe Application support folder from the user library folder. The AE script is enabled in Bridge. Some systems have only ever had CC 2014, others have CC and CC 2014. On the dual install system, the double-click method in AE CC works as expected, but fails in CC 2014.


      I hate to have my class leave without me showing them a solution. I'm hoping it's something simple that I'm missing, but so far the solution seems to have eluded everyone who has posted on the subject.


      Any suggestions from those with hands-on experience with this issue will be greatly appreciated.