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    Keyframes for actions possible?


      I am currently designing a web interface in Edge for the first time (I used to do these bits in Flash in the past). The basic layout is 6 boxes of text that when you click on each text, another box flips open to reveal more information. So far so good, I got that all animated. What I want to do now though is turn off the "click" action for the other boxes while one box is open, meaning users first have to click on a "close" icon to reverse the animation and close the additional text box that has opened. Without the actions turned off for the other text boxes, users can click on them, triggering a sudden close of any open box and and open a new box. This also happens if users click on the text for the box that is already open - the box is suddenly closed again and slides open once again.


      I have a workaround for my problem in that I created the original text double, once with an action, once without, and turn them on and off just as I need them. I find that workaround to be a bit cumbersome though and not as smooth as if I could just keyframe the actions for a certain element like I can keyframe actions for the complete timeline. Any help?