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    Problem transferring project to new new computer

    Project transfer

      I am having serious issues transferring a Premiere Pro Creative Cloud project from one computer to another but using the same external hard drive. The project and all of its media and associated files are on one USB "My Passport for MAC" external hard drive.


      The initial edit was done on a Macbook pro with no problems. But when the project is uploaded onto a new Macbook Pro there are multiple playback issues,  Some clips have distorted sound, some clips no sound, some clips play sound from other clips, some clips play no video and no sound. 


      To reiterate - We are using the same, one, external hard drive.


      The original macbook pro is using Premiere CC version 7.2.2 More Reel

      The second macbook pro is using Premiere CC version 8.1, Caravan


      Any suggestions Dan Saul