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    text follows contour


      When I insert an image which I made "detached" with Photoshop, can text follow contour? I can insert images but it alsways looks text is following square left or right.


      Sorry if my words/explanations are not correct but that is because English is not my native language.


      I use RH 11


      Aart Korstjens

      the netherlands

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          My Dutch isn't too hot either! Either post an image of what you want or, as an exceptional matter, post it in Dutch and wait for Willam to come along.


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            stentec514 Level 1

            Peter (and Willam also),


            Image 1, the original image, was with a white background.

            Image 2, I changed the white background in a transparent background. (Photoshop) But this did not work for me.

            Than I made Image 3, I changed the transparent background colour in #FAFAFA because the bodycolour of all the pages is also #FAFAFA. Then it looks like the image has no background at all.


            First example is like it is now, second example I made with Photoshop by moving parts of text manually ( but that was just to make visible for you what I mean.)01.PNG02.PNG Now I want the text wrapped around the image contours. Is this possible in RH 11?



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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              I don't think it can be done with Rh out of the box but maybe Willam has a trick up his sleeve?


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                Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                This is a problem for all web sites, not just for content created with RH. There are two ways of getting this done:


                1. Use the new CSS3 shapes. Clean and not too hard to implement. The downside: it will only work on Chrome, Safari, (and iOS and Android default browsers). No support for FF or IE as of yet. They will get the boring rectangular wrap around. For a tutorial, see: http://alistapart.com/article/css-shapes-101
                2. Use div's to pad out the correct width to warp around. It will work in all browsers. But it will be hell to maintain. For a tutorial, see: http://www.torylawson.com/mw_index.php?title=CSS_-_Wrapping_text_around_non-rectangular_sh apes


                If possible, I would recommend option 1. It is the cleanest solution and when IE and FF get support, it will work immediately.


                Kind regards,



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                  stentec514 Level 1



                  Thanks you for your quick and correct answer. Because Dutch is my native language I will continue in that language.


                  Ik laat het voorlopig maar even zoals het nu is. Voor mij gaat dat met CSS Shapes nèt even een stapje te ver en eigenlijk ben ik (en de klant) er wel mee tevreden zoals het nu is. In InDesign heb ik wel gebruikt gemaakt van tekstwrapping óm een vorm heen maar dat is geen HTML.


                  Maar ik wil ook altijd iets nieuws proberen om het nóg mooier te maken. Ik ben al een aantal jaren gepensioneerd en stam nog uit de tijd van Rh X5 (Macromedia) dus nu Rh 11 is al veel meer dan één stap vooruit. Mijn laatste productie is Voyager 5.14.1 Wil jij daar eens naar kijken en vertellen wat je er van vindt? Ik ben gek op complimenten. Maar snoeiharde kritiek mag ook hoor!


                  Sorry Peter, my English is not good enough to write this whole story in English. But many thanks for your cooperation.



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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                    That's fine. Normally we discourage using any language except English but it would be silly not to do anything else here when the person helping you is also Dutch. I know if there is anything here of use to others, Willam will translate the key bits for others.


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