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    1086: Syntax error: expecting semicolon before rightparen. ?


      Hi there i'm currently working on my year 13 ICT coursework using Adobe flash CS5.5 and while correcting an error while implementing a third party found image gallery another one appeared, which I am completely unable to fix.


      At the moment I would like the image gallery to be implemented in Scene 3 of my product, but it seems when opening to view the product it just spams through all the scenes and I am confused on why this is the case?


      If anyone can help with this then it would be much appreciated.


      Here is the code line which has the Syntax error, if any other thing are needed please just ask.


      lastBildeHL.onLoadProgress = gotoAndPlay("Scene 1")); numBytesLoaded:Number, numBytesTotal:Number):void