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    setting the frame rate

      I've done a little searching in this forum & found little. I want to know if it is possible to dynmaically set the frame rate at runtime for the root movie clip in ActionScript 2.0. I've found that ActionScript 3 can. A separate solution I found on this forum provided code where the frame rate can be dynamically set at runtime for a movie clip, but not the root one. I'm building a scrolling game that will ultimately run in FlashLite 2.1, but need to see the performance at various frame rates, & would prefer not having to publish the same app at different frame rates, as set in the authoring tool... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks...

      - RealityMasque
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          Not sure about FlashLite 2.1 but the frame rate of the first movie loaded is the frame rate for that movie and all external movies its loads for AS 2. Yes I have seen AS 3 has some functionality for changing the frame rate.

          Other techniques on changing the frame rate include:
          MovieClips or timeline segments with more or less frames for the same animation
          Using setInterval but read carefully the fine print in docs.
          Using onEnterFrame as max speed (same speed as movie document) and using a counter(s) to measure when to skip the animation you are doing in the onEnterFrame
          Using the Tween class (same as setInterval and onEnterFrame but no real programming.