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    light room won't render

    vdotmatrix Level 1

      Yesterday I was in GRID view. Looking through a smart folder of images without keywords and SPRAYPAINTING keywords-while in GRID view. All of a sudden , LR 5.7 began to LAG, then it hung up.


      [ Just before this, somehow a small menu appeared that controlled the thumbnails in the filmstrip and I chose large or maybe bigger.....]


      So I thought I would close out of LR and back stuff up because sin LR 1.0, I have never seen this ever happen.


      The backup hung at 80% for half an hour. When I re-started LR- this catalog was CORRUPT and couldn't be repaired..I can't find it anymore...when I last saw it, it didn't say ******.lrcat it had other numbers and stuff in the file name....


      So my last back up was on the 22nd so I lost the work since then , but I have backups.



      OH BUT NOW, the images will not appear. The files, folded, collections and everything ethat was there prior to the 22nd appear as grey boxes...

      I just came from adobe HELP and it said to post again here.