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    Next & back button


      how can I make next and back button to play timeline label every time I click ?

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          You can have an array of labels with the time-position, and maintain an index , and do the following:

               //Add this in the compositionReady of stage

                    sym.labelArray = {"lable1": 5000, "lable2": 10000, "lable3": 15000, "lable4": 20000, "lable5": 25000}              

                    sym.index = 0;


               //Add this in the next button click event handler:

                    if (sym.index < sym.labelArray.length) {


                         sym.index = sym.index + 1;



               //Add this in the previous button click event handler:

                    if(sym.index > 0) {


                         sym.index = sym.index - 1;



          Note: You need to have a trigger at all those label like : sym.stop();




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            iHuseyin Level 1

            it seemed very easy but somehow I'm missing something or can't do it properly. I really appreciate a lil help and do pardon my lack of coding knowledge. I am a designing professional and I have almost 'ZERO' knowledge of codes but I'm very keen to learn this...


            Lets say, I have 3 boxes in the stage. 2 buttons named "next" and "back". I have animated them using the timeline (just going from right to left )  and I've put labels 1,2,3 at each steps I want them to animate by each clicks. I have put triggers at the beginning, at the end and in bitwin those using sym.stop(). Now I need the animation to go to the next state every time I click next button like 1 - 2 - 3 so on .... and when pressing the back button going back 3 - 2 - 1.


            OH! how hard it can be ?!!!! I desperately need tutorial...vivekuma

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              vivekuma Adobe Employee

              Check this out @ https://www.dropbox.com/s/znc49bs45zeazt6/3Buttons.rar?dl=0


              Have created a simple composition to illustrate.




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                iHuseyin Level 1

                Thanks a lot!!!! It's helping me to understand the process..

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                  HIwei Level 1

                  You may try to add a few labels and use "jump"...