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    How do I use a PNG image for drop shadow that does not respond to mouse


      We are building an interface in FLex 2 that has odd shaped buttons that are to apear to be layered in sets. The button sets do not actually overlap but we will have a shadow for a group of buttons. This shadow for one set of buttons will be on top of other another set of buttons to make them appear at different levels.

      An image that might help is to think of the MahJong solitare game with the tiles stacked up on the screen. The difference is that the lower tiles need to respond to the mouse and the tiles are not rectangular.

      We are having trouble getting the drop shadow to be transparent not only visually but also transparent to mouse actions. Is there a particular strategy that will make this possible? Is there a particular UIComponent that will display the PNG but allow the mouse events to fall through to the buttons below? or that would be a good starting point for a new component?

      Thanks in advance for any help.