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    Adobe InDesign CC slow to initialise after machine restart

    Apple Mac User!

      I am finding that InDesign CC is extremely slow to launch after I restart my iMac (takes around 2 minutes). Once it has been launched once it then launches far more quickly (around 20sec). If I log out then back in it still only takes around 20secs to launch. But as soon as I restart my machine the first launch takes around 2 minutes again.


      I am assuming that InDesign is copying items to a temporary location (outside of my user space) that is getting reset at restart. My question is, is this a known behaviour, if so can it be got around (something like identifying the temporary files and copying them to the correct temporary location at login)?


      System Details

      iMac 3.06Ghz, 8Gb RAM, MacOS 10.9.4

      Adobe InDesign CC (


      Any input would be appreciated.