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    Pixel Aspect Ratio bug in Media Encoder export

    Micah Garen

      Having a weird bug in media encoder exports that I can't seem to figure out. I have a 1080p sequence with a mix of 1080p footage and PAL DV assets. The PAL assets have a pixel aspect ratio of 1.0940. When I format them in my Premiere sequence, I am able to scale them correctly and they look fine. When I export them directly from premiere to broadcast standards it's also fine.


      However, when I try to export these sequences in Media Encoder via File->Export->Media-> Queue using the same exact settings (I'm using a preset), Media Encoder formats the PAL assets as if they have square pixels. Thus, half of the footage in my sequences gets horizontally "squished." Note that this does not happen for footage that natively has square pixels, such as my 1080p camera footage.


      Has anyone encountered this bug? It seems strange to me that Media Encoder would treat items in a sequence differently that Premiere during export, I was under the impression they were using the same rendering engine... It's really a problem as I'm going to have to crank out multiple versions of this 48-minute film and not being able to queue those exports is going to be a huge headache.


      Using latest version of CC 2014.1 (8.1.0).