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    When exporting 708 captions from Premiere Pro CC I only see the first 708 caption. Help?


      Hi, our company just switched from Final Cut Pro 7 to Premiere Pro CC and we went from macs to PCs. I use the CaptionMaker program to create .mcc 608/708 caption files that I import into premiere, and I'm having a problem with the 708 captions. I embed the 708 captions in an mxf op1a file (I'm attaching a screen grab of my sequence and export settings) that I then copy to an XDCam disc, but when I play the disc back and check captions through our QC monitor I only see the first 708 caption and then the rest never appear. The 608 captions are there, but just the first 708 shows up. I've also had this problem when I print to video and when I create the captions in premiere instead of importing a caption file from CaptionMaker. And I was able to see 708 captions on a source that was captioned out of house so I know my QC monitor is working properly. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions for me to try? Thanks for your time.