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    Editing on another computer


      I have a user of Contribute and when she is trying to edit a page it is saying that she already has this page open and editing on another computer. She only ever uses the one computer and Contribute is not installed on anyother computers. She was trying to post the changes to a site and decided not to so pressed the cancel button and since then, she is getting the message
      "You can't edit this page now because you are editing it on another computer, please contact admin for assistance.

      Is there any temp files that i can remove to unlock this? I have check the drafts area and nothing is in there...???

      can someone please advise me on this, im not a very heavy user / admin of this software so not sure where to look from here


      Gareth Collins
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          There might be a couple things to check:

          In the same folder as the file, look for a file with the same name, and maybe some numbers after it... delete that.

          Or, if you can, check the file out yourself using Dreamweaver, overwriting her checkout, then immediately check it back in.

          Also, look for an lck. file with the same name and delete those if the above doesnt work!
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            Just BL
            I am having the same problems as described by CIH support and none of the solutions suggested by lisa3711 have worked for me. I created the website using Dreamweaver 8 and have no problems accessing the pages on the site (including unlocking the locked pages). My client uses Contribute 4 to maintain their content (with 2 different users each with own computer). My client has been getting so many errors they want to move to another solution. This is a really nasty bug!!! Does Adobe ever plan on fixing it? Are there any other suggestions from anyone? HELP!!!!
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              lisa3711 Level 1
              Have you gone into the site and looked at the files with something other than Dreamweaver? SSH FTP or another FTP client?

              Dremweaver won't show you everything in there, you need a different solutions sometimes...

              ws_ftp trial ?