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    Colour Space issues with Sony raw Slog3 footage




      Really hope there's someone out there who can help with this!


      I'm editing raw 2K footage that was shot on the Sony F5, colour space is S-log3.

      Working in Premiere Pro CC which should support editing Sony raw, however when within Premiere Pro, the Source Settings only offer color space for rec709 or S-log2, there is no S-log3 option...


      I've tried downloading raw Plug-in for Adobe (PLAD-RW1) but when I try installing it simply tells me I need Premiere Pro CS 6 or 7 installed, which I don't as I have CC.

      After scouring the internet I was told that Adobe had updated CC to function with editing sony raw without needing to install this plugin. 

      Would be great to work around this as my other option is transcoding everything in Sony's Raw Viewer but seems unnecessary when PP should support these files.


      Anyone else had this problem? I'm working in up to date CC.


      Many thanks!