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    Empty installer dialog on Windows 8.1

    mattoconnell Level 1

      I am trying to install flashplayer to use in firefox (included with ie11 already in Win8) using install_flashplayer15x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe (signed 01 September 2014 12:34:23) file version and product verion Whenever I doubleclick the EXE it brings up the window but it is empty:


      When the EXE is run and the dialog is diplayed the EXE is deleted (whilst it appears to be running)...!!


      When I try to close it using the red cross it brings up the following url in my browser http://www.{completionpageurl}.com/?exitcode=-1

      Closing the dialog using the cross does not work and I have to 'end task' the process tree.


      Windows 8.1 with all Windows updates as of 2nd Dec '14

      I downloaded it from Adobe - Install Adobe Flash Player

      On the page for that it says it is going to be 17MB but in fact is just 1 MB


      Many Thanks.


      (It is being run from the downloads folder and this still occurs when I remove the security check an 'unblock' the exe in it's properties pane)