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    Is it possible to allow printing of a PDF document without a password but still restrict editing?

    aorzol Level 1

      We are putting a sample chapter of our book as a PDF on our webpage... the book is a workbook with exercises, so there are places for people to fill in a circle, write things, etc. (Which cannot be done the same way using the form feature and that is not my intent; the full workbook will be print-only.) I can imagine someone might want to print out the sample chapter to complete it... and then eventually buy our printed book. Ideally I would like to enable printing but DISABLE any editing of the PDF, just to protect our material. This PDF would be only for potential customers; I would make any changes to the original document in InDesign. The only options I see in Acrobat are to restrict printing AND editing with a password... you can't separate the two. Is there a way around this? (I have the latest Acrobat with Creative Cloud.) Thank you!