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    Load Component w/ Dynamic Parameters

      I am trying to use a pre-made third party component (that I have no source for) to read in and manipulate an XML file. I can get it into the component window and drag it onto the stage and it works fine. However, in order to dynamically change the location of the xml file (which is absolutely crucial), I need to take in this location as an argument to the overall swf and then push it to the component when its created.

      I tried to simply drag the component onto the stage and change the component's xml_file parameter in actionscript in the first frame, but that has no effect because the object has already been created and by then the xml from the default xml parameter is already read in. Since I have no control over the source code of the component, I can't delay this read in. Thus, I must set this parameter dynamically upon creation.

      So I was trying things like attachMovie and loadClassObject to push a parameter assignment in the fourth argument(xml_file:"blah"), but I cannot get this to work either.

      Anyone have a similar problem or know how to alleviate it?