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    missing and offline photos


      Using LR 5.6, windows.I just discovered I have missing or offline photos. I got this message when I tried to export photos and was unable to because of this message. I just installed a free trial of OnOne to use as a plug in, and that's when this happened. I don't know if its related to my problem or not, but I suspect its got something to do with me moving folders around on my hard drive. I always export to my hard drive (I have a windows PC),and I do tend to move them around a bit, as I sometimes make copies to diff folders. Now I have a bunch of folders in LR that I need to re-organize. I'm new at this and need to know how to fix this and then how to organize properly.  Right now I over 500 photos that are "missing." I see an exclamation point in the upper right hand of the photo. Yesterday I could see the photo and the exclamation point. Today I don't see the photos, just a greyed out area where the photo should be and I see the exclamation point.   I've sinced looked up this problem and found a resource in the LR "computer darkroom" with instructions on how to find missing or moved photos and folders. I thought I'd fixed the problem by right clicking on each folder and finding the location on my hard drive. While at first this seemed to correct the problem, today I no longer have a ? on a folder, but the photos cant be seen.  Another problem is my catalog backup. On my hardrive I see two previous backups that have all the question marked folders (even after I thought I fixed them) and now I have more missing folders. HELP. I wish I could talk with someone on the phone...but the only option I'm routed to is this forum. Can I delete or rename my existing folders in LR so I can start over or will I lose everything?  Right now I'm afraid to back up anything or to even look at my backups. I also have a question about the option to "set up hard drive." Is this a one time default set up? Another problem is with my copyright watermark not exporting with all my photos. I experimented and found the font may have been the problem. Not sure. I was using the Lucinda calligraphy, now I have to use the Arial font. I don't know why LR gives options that don't work. Any help you can give me is appreciated. A phone call would be most helpful from an experienced adobe rep. Thank you.

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          To fix the problem of grey rectangles where the photos should be, see: How do I change my monitor profile to check whether it’s corrupted? - The Lightroom Queen Help Desk & Members Area - Pow…


          With regards to your backups still showing the question marks, yes they will still show the question marks even though you have fixed the working copy of your catalog.


          With regards to your moving photos from folder to folder, just don't do it any more in your operating system. That's 100% don't do it in your operating system, just stop right now, period, no exceptions, no excuses. If you must move photos from folder to folder, you do so in Lightroom ... but a far superior way to organize is to leave photos where they are and use keywords and other metadata to allow you to locate your photos, keywords then requires zero moving of photos from here to there. From now on, all photo management is done in Lightroom, preferably without moving photos from folder to folder.