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    Is the NVIDIA processor in the 2014 MacBook Pro helpful for Photoshop?

    rickb3 Level 1

      I am in the market for a 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display. I am trying to decide between a few different models. Is the NVIDIA 750M Graphics Processor going to make any difference in my life, positive or negative? I use InDesign and Photoshop quite a bit, I am starting to do more coding and am always meaning to get back into Dreamweaver and learn Muse. I only edit video once every couple years, and it's always pretty low-stakes when I do. Will Photoshop see any benefit from the discrete graphics processor? If not now, should I be planning on it benefitting in the next five years or so? Alternately, would switching between the two processors actually hinder Photoshop's performance?