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    Serial number has been revoked


      Trying to transfer Photoshop CS6 to a new MacPro.  When I enter my serial number, I get the following:


      "The serial number you entered has been revoked. This product cannot be licensed.  Please contact Customer Support.


      This should be a valid serial number as I purchased the software from the Adobe online store.

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          "Transferring" or "Migrating" an application is not just asking for trouble, it's demanding trouble.


          Always install from scratch, from the original media.


          You may have already triggered a valid s/n revocation.  If that is the case, unfortunately only Adobe customer service can assist you with your issue. These are user forums; you are not addressing Adobe here.


          Click on the link below, and after that click on "Still need Help? Contact us."


          Then on the next page, click Chat


          There is also a phone option.


          http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?step=PHXS_downloading-installing-setting-up_licensing- activation

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            It would be under your account and that is good. You have proof of ownership. Sine this is a forum of users like yourself, we have no authority with serial number problems. You need to contact Customer Service.


            Never fear, Station is here.


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              Thanks I tried contacting support, and your instructions worked. However I got no joy.  They told me that although I had paid for a perpetual license 4 years ago and been using it, they Key they claimed was subject to some fraudulent activity.  So after a very long conversation, I was forced into  a DW CC subscription for an an additional £240 pa.  A really great way to treat a loyal customer.  Very disappointing given the fraudulent activity was nothing to do with me.


              Does anyone know of a good substitute for DW on Mac, with a migration path to it ?  I want the DW capabilities for managing and creating websites.   Thanks Jon