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    I purchased a PC really performing x use Premiere Pro but does not work properly



      I purchased a PC really performing x use premiere Pro but is not working properly, it crashes constantly playing, someone can help me?

      N.B. the PC works seamlessly with other programs I've tried as EDIUS

      Motherboard - ASUS P9X79-Ws
      Video Card - PNY Invidia Quadro K5200
      Memory 32 Gb Kingston KHX24C11T3K4 / 32X (OC 2400)
      LGA 2011 processor I7- 4820K
      2 Disk Samsung SSD 250 GB
      1 Disk HDD 3 TB Seagate
      Power Supply - Cooler Master
      Cooler Liquid - Cooler Master
      Windows 7 -.64Bit

      What I did not get result

      I replaced the memories with a less powerful model, the motherboard P9X79-Ws with an identical, the video card (the supplier has changed my K5000 with a K5200)
      the power supply with a Cooler Master 730W
      and the fan original co improved cooling liquid of the Cooler Master
      Tried to install the operating system Wi
      and updated BIOS and Drivers, Windows, rinstallato several times both in Raid using the two disks on single disk, to save files acquired in SSD and HDD, I downloaded the trial version of PREMIERE CC (before I used the CS6)