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    Director Lists, could be 2-150 times faster?!?

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      While creating a list that would add support for Xtrema's unicode string
      objects, I discovered a couple of things that may be of interest to this
      Note that the xList objects used in the tests are binary-wise director
      lists, that are accessed by a different engine.

      The fist test was string only. Searching for a string within a list of
      strings. xList seems to be twice as fast as director's list, which was not
      really a surprise, since the xstrings that are used internally for the
      comparison, are much faster than director's strings.
      What was a surprise however, was searching for a string, in a list of
      symbols, or other non-string values.
      In such a case, director will perform string comparison in all values - the
      xList objects test if the types match, according to my tests at least, were
      150 times faster.
      Searching for a symbol in a list of symbols was again faster, but by a
      'normal' 70% - at least on my test machines.

      Now, I wonder.. Is such a performance loss justified? Meaning, do you really
      want director to return the position of "myData" when you search for
      #myData? Cause there seems to be a huge price for that, at least when
      using lists containing various data types.

      The test movie can be downloaded from

      The archive contains the movie + a projector + a build of the xtra that
      includes a first version of the xList object - it supports just three
      commands: append, getPos and getPosI.

      Case anyone tries the movie, or tests the xlist object with different data
      types, I'd be interested to see the results from various machines (you can
      send them to the mail you'll find at the first page of the site).

      - Alchemist