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    Is there a quick way to replace entire sets of styles?

    Team Almine (Gian)

      I am currently working on updating InDesign templates that the rest of our team use to start translating different versions of our books.  In the template we have the guides and text boxes all created as well a sets of styles to use..  (Headers, Body, Captions..etc).


      They started on an older version of this template and I've just updated it by re-defining all the styles.  Is there a way I can replace a document's styles with an entirely new set?


      The styles are all named the same from the previous versions - but currently I still have to go delete each style and apply the 'new' style - one by one.  This takes a while when we have nearly 100 styles.  Is there a quicker way to do this?  Or am I looking at this whole template thing wrong?


      Is there a tutorial or a video explaining the philosophy behind these templates?  Basically, we create new books or documents all the time and although they go to different typesetters, I would like them all to use the same 'standard' styles.