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    Having trouble with my ibook test on iPad

    Janisf11 Level 1

      I formatted an iBook from an inDesign cc print file.  It looks fine except it doesn't fill the screen.

      It looks fine using Google Readium, but I have to enlarge it on the iPad.  Will it look like this when it is published?

      How do I fix it.  I exported it according to directions from a course on Lynda.com.  What is curious is the sample
      in the course for exporting a fixed-layout eBook had the same problem.  I had test eBooks from other sources that
      didn't have this problem.  Here is a screenshot:  Please help!




      testscreen shot.jpg

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          AnneMarie Concepcion Adobe Community Professional

          If your ebook doesn't share the same width to height ratio of the iPad (which is 4 to 3), then you'll see that letterbox effect.  This often happens because users are converting print books to fixed-layout epubs. The print books were designed to standard book sizes or custom ones, for that matter, but no one considered having to fill up the screen real estate for a mobile device.


          To get the ebook to fill the screen, you'd need to check its settings in File > Document Setup in InDesign, and change its aspect ratio to 4:3 for the iPad if you want it to fill the screen when a single page is viewed in landscape mode (e.g. 8" wide by 6" tall).  You'd need to half the width for facing pages (as shown in your screen shot) — 4" wide by 6" tall in this example — so the facing pages would be 8" wide by 6" tall.


          If you're designing an ebook from scratch in InDesign, then you'd start with the target aspect ratio for your page sizes from the get go.