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    Photoshop cc 2014 freezes on start up


      Haven't found an answer to this yet. I have a mac os 10.7.5 running on a iMac 2.16 ghz intel core duo. 2014 was running for a while but the recent update won't start up. I have seen a post about updating the graphics card but there does not seem to be driver update for the ATI Radeon X1600 256 MB on their web site for macs. I've logged out and back into creative cloud and reset preferences in photoshop on start up. Nothing works. It boots up most of the way and just hangs. If I drop an image onto the photoshop icon, it boots up to the point of showing the image but hangs there. The only way out of it is to restart computer and it locks up everything. I was having the same problem with the new indesign but found the workaround for deleting the welcome folder and that did it for indesign. Any other ideas?