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    Crash bug in Premiere when editing Marker descriptions and using scroll wheel


      So I've noticed a really particular bug:


      If I go to edit a Marker description in the Markers panel, and I add some text, then move the scroll wheel of my mouse, the program immediately crashes, with these errors:




      Then it has the standard: "Sorry, Premiere has to shut down. It will try to save your project" - But it never does make a recovery.


      More details:

      • This happens when the cursor is still active in the description box. If I've clicked out of the description box, everything works normally.
      • It only happens in the Markers panel, not in the individual Marker dialog box
      • It only happens after new text has been typed in or pasted in.
      • It doesn't happen with the Name box
      • It happens immediately upon touching the scroll wheel, even if it's just a nudge (in either direction)
      • It happens in every sequence I've tried it in


      Tech specs:

      • Premiere CC 2014 (version 2014.1)
      • MacBook Pro (15-inch, Late 2011), OSX Yosemite 10.10.1, 2.2 GHz clockspeed, 8GB RAM
      • Wireless Logitech Mouse (the Anywhere MX) (with Logitech wireless keyboard)
      • Not a single mouse issue before!


      Anyone know if there's a patch or a workaround for this? I know it's specific enough of a problem to avoid, but I work with markers a lot and the scroll wheel on this mouse is sensitive, so can get easily nudged and thus instantly muck up all the work I've done since the last save...


      Thanks for your help!