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    Changing Page Size and Margins for existing document


      Hi, really new at using InDesign and have a question.

      I have an existing document about 40 pages containing text and graphics.

      I need to change the page size from the original 8x10 to 8.5x11 as well as change the left margin from 0.5" to 1"

      If I simply change these in File>Document Setup and Layout>Margins will everything change and convert?

      Or put another way will I have to move everything around on all the pages once the new sizes are input?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You may get different advice from someone else, but if you want to make a global change like this to an existing file, I think the easiest way is to use the Layout Adjustment feature which has been deprecated in favor of Liquid Layout, and is now hidden away in the Liquid Layout panel flyout menu.


          In order for it to work, two things must be true BEFORE you make changes to the file: Layout Adjustment must be turned on, and the text frames must be fully snapped to the existing margin guides, so you may have to adjust the margins BEFORE you make other changes so they surround the frmaes with no gaps.


          Once margins are correct and Layout Adjustment is enabled, you can change the page size in Document Setup, then go to your master page and from the Layout menu choose Margins and Columns and reset the margins to whatever you like. The change should be reflected in all pages to which that master is applied, and your frames snapped to the old margins should change size/shape to remain snapped to the new ones.

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            dkg62 Level 1

            A very belated Thank You !